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MP2105 - Extremely Rugged Industrial Computer

Rugged Industrial Touch-screen Display

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Rugged Industrial Display

Rugged I/O Base

Industrial Computer Interior

Industrial Computer Profile

MP2105 Rugged Computer with Integrated Touch-Screen Display

The ProPanelฎ MP2105 computer/display is extremely rugged for mission-critical applications. It is the fourth-generation computer platform released by Azonix. The MP2105 utilizes core heat transfer technologies that have been field-proven in out door environments. The system displays real-time information using standard PC architecture.

Ideal for rugged outdoor applications, the system is totally sealed from the environment, immune to most EMI/RFI, and is able to withstand high shock and vibration. Some common uses for the system include off-road truck and skid applications, steel melts, pulp and paper, commercial printing shops and outdoor marine. Tempered-glass capacitive touch-screen is optimal for finger or glove operator interface outdoors or in dirty environments.


• 15" TFT color LCD 1024 x 768 resolution with 65K colors
• Intel Pentium III 850 MHz processor, minimum
• Glass-Based Capacitive (CAP) Touch screen
• Function and numeric keyboard with status LEDs
• Ethernet RJ45 10/100 MBs and/or Fiber 10MBps/100MBps card
• Two PCI slots (one 3/4-size and one 1/2-size)
• Sealed, metal construction and impact-resistant case
• AC or DC power
• System Memory - Min 256Mb – 1GB
• Available Hard Drive or Flash Drive storage
• Compact form factor saves valuable space
• Exceptional EMI/RFI resistance
• Standard LCD Brightness or Sunlight-Viewable LCDs
• Standard membrane keyboards, optional or custom keyboards available
• Rugged shock mounting resists vibration and shock while minimizing downtime and maintenance - Mounting Types (Panel, Wall, or Yoke Mount)
Maintenance I/O - Access:
• RJ45 Ethernet connector Keyboard and mouse PS2 non-isolated connectors
• One USB port
• One RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 isolated COM port
Standard I/O Access for Internal Periphery:
• One RS-232 non-isolated COM port
• Two PCMCIA Type II slots
• One 3.5" floppy drive
• Three M20 plugs for plug-in cards
I/O Software and Documentation:
• Windowsฎ - compatible, numerous Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and software options
Line options that can be added to a unit are listed below. These line options are usually added to the Model Number:
• MPWALL-1 Wall mount bracket assembly
• MPYOKE-1 Pipe mount assembly
• MPPANEL-1 Panel mount assembly
• MPVISOR-1 Visor assembly
• MPWIN2000 Windows 2000 installation with license
• MPETHERPCI 10/100 MB PCI Ethernet card
• MPWINXP-1 Windows XP installation with license

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Datasheet PDF

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